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VA Gold Buyers is Hampton Roads premier company for Selling and Buying; New, Used, antique, vintage and estate jewelry. When it comes to buying your gold, you can expect nothing less than the highest ethical standards in the industry. 

To ensure fair and accurate payments;

  • Virginia has calibrated and certified our scales for accurate weights and measurements.
  • Our Customers can expect Honesty, loyalty, and integrity from our staff.
  • We are licensed and insured to trade gold in the state of Virginia.

 In a warm and friendly atmosphere, we buy, refurbish and sell used, antique, vintage and estate jewelry, giving new life to once forgotten Jewelry. Also, We never charge hidden fees, and minimum weight requirements, and there is never any obligation to sell.

Through these business practices, we build long-term relationships with our customers. When it comes down to it, we’re committed to growing our company the right way and are proud to stand at the forefront of the Cash for gold, Estate Jewelry, Wholesale Diamond and Coin industries; as an honest and reputable business.


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Donald Rogers

Owner / Operator

VA Gold Buyers GIA

VA Gold Buyers Founder, Donald Rogers, First started the company in 2008 while attending Virginia Commonwealth University where he later obtained his B.A. Degree in Finance. He later decided to further his education by attending GIA‘s Distance learning program in the field of Diamonds and is always educating himself in the industry.

Donald is an avid Numismatist and coin collector with a vast knowledge base in pre-1964 Silver and Gold coinage. 

Combining knowledge with passion in the industry, Mr. Rogers has built his company around treating all customers equally and providing a fair and honest service in the Cash for gold, Diamond, Coin & Jewelry Industry. 


VA Gold Buyers | Owner

The Crew

Reliability is what you can expect from our team.



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